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Saturday, July 14, 2012

40 Random Things About Me

1.      I could gladly stay up ‘till 2:00 and sleep ‘til 12:00 the next morning.
2.      I love children but have only one child (my doctor says it’s because I’m a teacher).
3.      I eat a strict paleo diet 
4.       I like cleaning house and find it therapeutic
5.       My favorite flower is the daffodil.  I love flowers and try to keep fresh flowers in the house at all times
6.       When I was pregnant, I sang lullabies to my baby girl.
7.        I like to cook but hate when it becomes a chore
8.       I  don’t have a middle name
9.       I  love reading magazines like Victoria and Southern Lady
10.   Dixie Carter was my hero.
11.   My hair is most likely all gray since I’ve been coloring since I was 27.
12.   Emeralds are my favorite gem.
13.   I don’t like bugs and will wake my husband from a deep sleep to kill one. 
14.    I have only a few but dearly loved friends.
15.   I will spend good money for a good brie cheese.
16.    am typing this right now at 12:30 at night
17.   I believe your actions and behavior are your best sermon.
18.   I hate (hate is a strong word) dislike reality TV shows.
19.   I  love to organize anything
20.   Cooking shows relax me
21.   You will never see me in public in my pajamas
22.    I chew my gum in private
23.    I love a good foot rub
24.    I don’t drink or smoke (awwww... angel wings)
25.   Mango is my favorite fruit
26.   I will not wear flip flops to work but I have really cute feet.
27.   I believe teaching is a calling
28.   Scrabble is my favorite board game.
29.   My mother pierced my ears when I was 13.
30.   I love all music that is remotely poetic
      31.   Can easily tan but choose not to - lots of sun block here. 

32.   My birthdays make me a little sad. 
33.   I am thankful everyday but would rather skip Thanksgiving.
34.   Friday 13th is my lucky day
35.   Am a little obsessive about my health
36.   I love reading blogs more than Facebook
37.   I have no problem saying “no” to my child and don’t understand why other parents struggle with this one.
38.   I have a cat and two dogs - I’m an equal opportunity pet owner.
39.   ASPCA commercials make me cry.
40.   I love the first cup of coffee in the morning.


Anonymous said...

I had to laugh about your cleaning comment. There is something 'good' in cleaning. Whenever I am angry or upset, my home smells of cleaning products. Makes the world alright again! I also agree that nothing beats the first cup of coffee in the morning. Amen to that!

I'm your newest follower and cannot wait to read along with you.


Miss Southern Prep said...

I love organizing, too! Something about it calms me!

Bella Michelle said...

I do think we could be great friends....well, except for the mango and brie! LOL