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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


My high spirited, intelligent and funny little Coco is a miniature Schnauzer.  We bought her a year and a half ago, and honestly, after a few days, I thought we made a mistake. Even though I researched the breed, I wasn't prepared for the "Schnauzer" puppy stage.  It's more work than normal - she chewed on everything including us.  After many weeks and chew bones, I grew to really love her.  She is highly intelligent, loving and loads of fun.  Schnauzers bond closely with their families and enjoy being in the middle of everything.  My daughter took the picture above.  She said the word "treat" and snapped this shot. 


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What's Blooming in My Yard

I love having the kind of yard that has something blooming all year long.  Thanks to my husband, I have a beautiful yard. 
Twinkle Stars on the front porch.
These Begonias were planted last year, but since we had a mild winter, they are back in full bloom and twice the size.

Roses and Hydrangeas

My mother gave me this rose bush on my birthday one year before she passed away.  She loved plants and flowers and every year for my birthday, she would give me bulbs or a new rose bush.  The rose bushes didn't always fair too well, but this one has flourished.  I love it. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012


I can't wait. Finally something to watch on TV.    PBS Masterpiece Mystery airs the first episode of Sherlock Holmes Season 2 tonight.  I don't usually like it when writers change a classic (seems like cheating), but my daughter and I love this modern Holmes and Watson.  In fact, we've been counting the days. It will be 8:00 P.M. our time, but we're still having tea and something yummy.