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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas

We hope everyone had a special and Christ centered Christmas. The week of Christmas was hectic. Shopping, wrapping, cooking - I was feeling frazzled. On Christmas eve, we went to the candle light service at our church. This is a special tradition that we always look forward to. The service helps us to refocus on the true meaning of Christmas.

We slept later than usual for Christmas morning. We spent the morning opening gifts. We (or I) have a rule that one gift is opened at a time. I don't like everyone ripping into gift at the same time. Everyone was happy with their presents. Sarah was most excited about her new iPod. Later, my mother, Kristi and her girls joined us for more gift giving and goodies. We are a family of girls, which makes for a lot of interesting converstion. We did manage to take pictures this time. It seems every year I forget to take pictures - Woo hoo I remembered.

Two days after Christmas and I'm sending out Christmas cards. Yes that's right - Christmas cards. I am determined to send them.

Our next big event will be Sarah's birthday. She will be 14 on January 11th. She is growing up so fast, but when I look at her, I still see my little baby.

Everyone have a happy new year. I hope resolutions are kept.

Pic: Alex, Charli, Kristin (Kristi's girls) and Sarah (my girl)